The Gaming Arms Race That Will Change the Future

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There’s a shift right now in the world of entertainment. It started with television, then film, and now it looks like video game streaming is on the horizon. We’ve talked about peripherals that will change the future of gaming, but what about the software that will be delivering the content to your systems?

Now when I say video game streaming, please don’t get confused, I’m not talking about platforms like Twitch. I’m talking about Steam, Origin, and now coming soon the online rental system Gamefly is looking to launch.

How gaming content is being delivered to the eyeballs of the consumer is rapidly changing at an exponential rate. Gone are the installation discs of PC games past, and now even more so as physical copies of video games are slowly being pushed out of the market. Coming soon to the digital delivery systems will probably rise an algorithm of game suggestions similar to Netflix’s content suggestion system.Once someone cracks the code of suggestion, discovery of gaming will change entirely.

Like Pandora, but for gaming.

Like Pandora, but for gaming.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, because game streaming is still fairly new and has yet to really be implemented into the market. We don’t even know if gamers will accept a streaming service similar to Netflix for their games, considering the controversy that has surrounded ancient DRM laws. Gamers like owning their games, and having control of their content, but if you consider how music consumers have flipped over to services like Spotify, owning the content might not be as strong of an issue than you would think.

Equally, we don’t know how bandwidth would be affected by a streaming service, particularly with online play. Initially, when streaming services were first introduced, most households were running on a 10 mbps connection, but these days, most people have 30 – 60 mbps connections, and are able to use even more bandwidth than ever before (and that basic connection is only going to go up from here).

Right now there’s a race between companies like Steam and Gamefly to bring you the gaming content you’d want at a fraction of the price. The next 5 years will bring us some of the most innovative ways to interact with our content, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.