The Internet Reacts To The SCOTUS Marriage Equality Ruling


You know Marriage Equality? It’s that thing that’s a basic human right for all people that was weirdly denied by archaic laws in many parts of this country? Maybe you’ve heard of it? We have that now! This morning, in a long-awaited ruling, the Supreme Court established the right of all Americans to marry whomever they choose regardless of gender. Between this and the slow death of the Confederate flag, it’s been a pretty big week for progress in America. Naturally, the internet is FREAKING OUT because that’s what the internet does when anything momentous happens in the world. We took a look at some of the best reactions to the marriage equality ruling for social media stars:


More tweets are pouring in from YouTubers, Vine stars, bloggers and comedians and the tone is overwhelmingly positive. In a sense, that victory of marriage equality has felt inevitable for some time, but for most, it feels good to have this basic human right finally enshrined in law. As for those who are less supportive, that’s ok too. Enjoy sliding into social and cultural irrelevance as your retrograde values die a slow withering death.