The Internet Says Farewell to Christopher Lee

<> on August 7, 2013 in Locarno, Switzerland.

<> on August 7, 2013 in Locarno, Switzerland.

For millennials, actor Christopher Lee is synonymous with Saruman, the corrupted wizard who served as a secondary villain in the Lord of the Rings films. To be sure, Saruman was some of Lee’s best work, allowing him to stretch his epic Shakespearean muscles on the big screen for a generation that might not be familiar with the many stages of his long career. Over the course of 80 years Lee had been the star of countless films and plays taking on every conceivable type of character. His death yesterday, at the age of 93, prompted an outpouring of sympathy and fond memories from fans, friends, and admirers online.

Lord of the Rings costar Dominic Monaghan remembered some of Lee’s offscreen talents.

Elijah Wood summed up Lee’s towering legacy as well as one could in 140 characters

A number of internet stars also tweeted their condolences at the loss of the cinema legend.