These Gamers Need to Team Up and Teach N00bs a Lesson!

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Let’s plays are like the bread and butter of the YouTube gaming world. Many different gamers all around the world have created “Let’s Play” videos to help out other gamers who are stuck in a certain section of a game or if they need to preview something to plan ahead. However, some Youtubers have changed these videos to become much more entertaining than just walk-throughs. With the combination of their signature commentary and/or their facial reactions, “Let’s Play” has become a whole new genre for YouTube and stars like Markiplier and PewDiePie have risen to the top. But what if these guys were to collaborate with one another? Would it be an absolute chaos that we’d enjoy? Probably.

1. Michael Jones from Rooster Teeth + Hot Pepper Gaming


If you don’t know who Michael is, then think of the guy who rages…a lot. That’s actually way Rooster Teeth picked him up. He would do his own videos where he would rage, and Rooster Teeth loved his stuff so much, they picked him up and he has been with him for a solid with them for about four years or so. Now…imagine if he had to eat some hot peppers? Imagine the rage that Michael has all bottled up with the spciyness that is stored within the peppers that the Pepper Gaming team has? Once you click play on that video, it’s going to go from 0 to 100 in four seconds and it is going to stay at 100 for the rest of the video.

2. Markiplier + Game Grumps


Markiplier has a heart of gold. His voice is gold. His hair is gold. Everything about this man is amazing! You slap him into the Game Grumps studio, and the fun is going to be amplified tenfold.

3. Tobuscus + Super Panic Frenzy


Tobuscus is a very intense and hyper man. There is never a dull moment because he is either yelling, laughing, or giving voices to the voiceless in the video games that he plays. Now then, lets add this crazy son of a gun to Super Panic Frenzy. SPF does not take itself seriously, and when a ridiculous amount of hilarity and intensity can be added, the viewers are going to be laughing until their sides hurt.

4. Achievement Hunter + JackSepticEye


Alright, so the guys over at Achievement Hunter have proven themselves to be absolutely bonkers. They’re most famous video series is when they wreak havoc in GTA V. But what would happen if you add one screaming and loud maniac, like JackSepticEye, into the equation? That’s not even comprehensible…

5. JonTron + PewDiePie


This kind of pairing would be pretty synonymous to Wayne and Garth or Spongebob and Patrick. These guys could do a co-op game of some sort or review something, but with everything that PewDiePie would say, JonTron would most likely criticize him, then wonder why he himself signed up for a job like this with a happy-go-lucky moron like PewDiePie. These guys would become the brand-new dynamic duo of YouTube.

When you were a kid and you saw two cartoon shows cross over, it was the best thing ever, next to Dunkaroos and Oreo O’s. So, if these Let’s Players were to combine their epic forces and make all the collab videos, this unique genre could enter a whole other league.