These Nuns Having Fun Will Put a Smile On Your Face

Not since Whoppi Goldberg first threw on a habit for Sister Act have nuns seemed like this much fun. YouTube’s Field Day channel is constantly seeking out the platforms most talented creators and giving them free rein to make something amazing, and it looks like they’ve done it again. Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, who’s best known for viral hits like “First Kiss” and “Undress Me,” spent a day chilling with some real life, habit wearing nuns to see what it looks like when ladies married to Christ kick off their heels and have a little fun.


The result is four sweet minutes of sisters trying out slam poetry, jumping on trampolines, and even attempting a free style rap, all while explaining a little bit more about their faith and the ways that it makes them stronger. There’s a common misconception that all nuns are ruler-slapping frown monsters, but these three ladies prove that their devotion has done nothing to dull their sense of fun. This video is just what you need to get you through Tuesday.

Anyway, it’s fun to watch nuns do stuff. Here are some other nuns doing stuff.

Here are some nuns dancing to Gangnam Style. They sure are doing that.

Here is a nun themed prank. Nuns shouldn’t trick people but this probably isn’t a real nun so it’s fine I guess.

These nuns are from a movie and enjoy singing.

These nuns are from a better movie and also enjoy singing.

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