HiJosh Thug Life Chose Me: Part 2 Is Here!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.04.44 PM

HiJosh, the YouTube channel seeking to become fat and rich with a gimmick, is back for a round two of the aforementioned gimmick.

This time, the show host, the eponymous Josh, steps aside to let others have a chance at baller status. Forming up a clip show of dudes mimicking Josh’s ability to throw objects back like he don’t have a care in the world, we get to see that the Thug Life is actually quite a broad one. Yeah, more thugs out there than we initially thought.

Of course, I never get tired of watching these Dude Perfect sort of trick shots with common household objects and look forward to many more installments. I would like to see people punished for messing up their shot though — the Thug Life is not without its dangers.

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