Troma Debuts Kabukiman’s CockTail Corner On YouTube [BOW TO YOUR SENSEI]

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Troma has been proudly outside the vanguard for decades. They shaped cool by never giving a damn about being cool — which is somehow cool. And now, they’re expanding their indifference to YouTube, dropping a new Kabukiman series on us like a couple of atomic Sake Bombs (too soon?).

Kabukiman, one of the legends of Troma — along with the Toxic Avenger and those darn kids from Nuke ‘Em High — now has a cool cocktail chat, a sort of Playboy After Dark for the MDMA set.

Called Kabukiman’s Cocktail Hour, the hyperkinetic visuals and excitingly frenetic pacing throw this delightfully demented series in our face like it’s a bucket of sulfuric acid. It goes straight through the eyes and right to the brain is what I’m saying.


Hosting the band Unicorn Smack for their inaugural episode, Kabukiman, Shabu-Shabu, and their announcer Dave Mudstaine (yeah — from Megadef) breath eccentric life into Troma’s second series (after Lloyd Kaufman Presents: Troma’s Buried Treasure). For all you fans of Unicorn Smack who claim they aren’t doing enough publicity, you can quit your whining now.


Jumping on YouTube was a smart move for the studios helmed by Lloyd Kaufman — the kids today, they get all their wacky ideas about life and sex from the video platforms; it would do the world’s youth some good to be a little bit twisted by Troma.

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Raise a cocktail of your own making in salute to this madcappery — poison seldom tastes so damn hip.

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