Twitter CEO To Step Down, Snoop Dogg Wants To Replace Him — Here Are 5 Other Awesome Candidates

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Snoop Dogg is allegedly lobbying hard to replace Dick Costolo as the CEO of Twitter when Costolo leaves the position July 1. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey will step in as the interim CEO immediately thereafter, but after that, dibs on the top job at the microblogging site is open season.

Snoop definitely has some caché — he’s certainly going to attract a lot of publicity, which is exciting and entertaining — and these days in social media, rule one seems to focus on being entertaining. He’s also got management experience — he coached his son’s football team to an undefeated season, as well as starred in numerous films (which was all Arnold Schwarzenegger needed to govern California). Also, he’s got a killer hashtag #SnoopForCEO and 12.3 million followers to back his initiative.

As far as exciting picks go, my money is on Snoop. But just in case Twitter feels like going in a different direction, NMR has done the legwork for them. Here are five candidates that we would LOVE to see take the top job at Twitter. None of them has actually expressed interest in the gig, but when has that ever stopped us from rampant speculation?

And to keep it interesting, we’re going to pitch each one in 140 characters or less.

1. Michelle Phan

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Why: After seeing what she has done with Ipsy and YouTube, it’s a slam dunk that she can rule the intersection of business and entertainment.

Why not: We want to see more Michelle Phan YouTube videos, this would take her away from that, probably.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Why: He’s practically god tier on Reddit, so social media is a thing of his. AndAnd it would be amazing to watch him hunt down the trolls.

Why not: Jesus, did you see what he did to California?

3. Katy Perry

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Why: With over 71,000,000 followers, she is Twitter’s most popular person. And who better to rule Twitter than its queen?

Why not: She would probably get all petty and ban Taylor Swift’s Twitter and her 58,000,000 followers. #badblood

4. Dennis Rodman

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Why: Twitter needs flash to boost it over the other platforms. Rodman has that — and he could broker peace with North Korea via microblogging.

Why not: Because if you’re gonna go for the gold, you might as well go after Michael Jordan for the job.

5. Barack Obama

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Why: With his presidential term almost up, the 3rd most popular Twitter star could slide neatly into a high profile private sector gig.

Why not: Keeping up with the trends? Not exactly a strong point of Obama’s … his wife however …

What do you think? Is there someone we’re missing? Let us know in the comments below.


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