Uwe Boll Quits Hollywood With ‘F*ck You All’ Rant; Terrible Director’s Rotten Tomatoes Scores Will Make You Laugh

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Uwe Boll has never been exactly endeared. His movies are awful, he’s arrogant and unapologetic, and now, he wants you to know the crowdfunding system is broken.

Actually, Uwe, for the first time ever, the crowdfunding system seems very right with the world. When extremely well-off celebs started using crowdfunding to bankroll passion projects, it seemed a bit unfair. Now, Kickstarter shows that it isn’t some sort of Hollywood whorehouse and that people won’t fund just anything from Hollywood.

Uwe, who tried to get a second sequel for Rampage, (Rampage III if you’re counting), has apparently failed with this project for the last time and will not be back.

He’s got enough money to play golf for the rest of his life. Which is for the best for everyone if you’ve ever seen the Rotten Tomatoes scores for his films:

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.26.11 AM

You could literally poop into a video camera and have it score better than a 25 percent. Christ, I hope he’s better at golf than moviemaking. How long ’til he angrily retires from that as well?

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