Vanity Fair Reveals Cover Featuring Caitlyn Jenner: “Call Me Caitlyn” [VIDEO]

Just over a month ago, Olympian, reality star, and media figure Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer to talk about coming out as a trans woman. At the time Jenner told Sawyer he wasn’t yet ready to use female pronouns and that he hadn’t yet chosen a new name to reflect his new identity. The interview was touching, powerful, and made Jenner an icon for trans people and their allies around the world.

Today she’s back in the public eye with the release of a stunning Vanity Fair cover and it looks like all those lingering uncertainties have faded away as Jenner is prepared to greet the world, as Caitlyn.


Social media is blowing up over the cover, which is the culmination of Jenner’s sometimes fraught and always extremely public transition over the past year. For someone whose life has been consumed by the spectacle of reality TV, Jenner has been understandably private about transitioning, granting only a handful of interviews and largely allowing family members and friends to speak on her behalf. The cover is the culmination of that process and features Jenner looking glamorous behind a simple pull quote that tells us everything we need to know. “Call me Caitlyn,” it declares, and really it should be just that simple.

The issue will hit stands later this month and is expected to feature a lengthy interview with Caitlyn Jenner as well as a pictorial. Say what you will about the extended Kardashian-Jenner clan, but it seems that, like the rest of her famous family, Caitlyn knows how to use a picture to make a powerful statement.

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