“Veronica Mars” Actor Stars As Hook In “The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy” Season 2

percy daggs

It’s looking like online fandoms will see a lot of familiar faces in Season 2 of “The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy.” Yesterday, Nerdist.com premiered a new trailer that reveals “Veronica Mars” and “iZombie” actor Percy Daggs III as Captain Hook — or rather, CEO Hook — in the web series modernization of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.

Peter and Wendy,” starring Kyle Walters and Paula Rhodes, remagines Peter Pan as a loveable-but-immature guy from the small town of Neverland, and Wendy as an advice columnist who moves away to the big city. Daggs joins a list of new additions to the show for Season 2: Jim Beaver from “Supernatural,” Satya Bhabha from “New Girl,” and Meghan Camarena aka Strawburry17.

“This is different because it’s a format that I’m not really used to,” Daggs told Nerdist.com in an interiew. “They shot it vlog style where you speak directly into camera, and the style of comedy was a little different. And again, I’m playing Captain Hook so transitioning into the role, playing the CEO of a major company and a character that’s had such a long history and wanting to do that justice and do it my own way was very different.”

Head over to Nerdist.com to read the full interview with Percy Daggs III. Season 2 of “Peter and Wendy” premieres on June 12.