Vine Star Carter Reynolds Caught In Sex Tape Drama

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Carter Reynolds has long been a sexually-charged and controversial Viner.

Apparently, allegations have cropped up before from girls claiming that he pressured them to send him nude pics. And now, there’s a video.

(image credit: Superfame)

(image credit: Superfame)

The footage, taken with a cameraphone, shows Carter and his then-girlfriend, Instagram star Maggie Lindemann in a bedroom situation. Carter implores Maggie to perform oral sex on him and lowers the camera to show his exposed genitalia. All the while, Maggie says she doesn’t feel comfortable and refuses to do it. “Do it, do it, do it,” he chants. While we won’t post the video here, it has been viewed plenty of times already by the internet. Surprisingly (and excitingly!), the online reaction has largely been against Carter.

Not only is Maggie underage in the video — allegedly 16 (to his 18) when the footage was shot, but viewers are also taking issue with him trying to force the girl even though she clearly isn’t interested. Philip DeFranco, on Twitter, said of the footage, “In regards to this whole Carter situation. If she says no, it means no. Doesn’t matter if shes a random, a girlfriend, or your wife.”

Even Carter’s fellow MagCon buddy Taylor Caniff has come out against him.

True story.

While there hasn’t been an official source of the video leak, Carter is now claiming that his Twitter account was hacked and that he will explain the whole issue soon.

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But there isn’t much to explain that the video doesn’t already show. Carter has spent much of his professional career causing controversy in the name of fame:

(image credit: Superfame)

(image credit: Superfame)

Now it seems he’s finally getting his wish. Hope it’s what he wanted.

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