Wait For It: New YouTube Comedy Channel Pairs YouTubers With Comedians

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Wait For It is the new comedy channel that has touched down on YouTube recently, with surprisingly little fanfare. And that’s too bad, because they’re doing some interesting innovating in the search for digital yuks.

Started by Levity Entertainment Group (LEG), the new channel is pairing YouTube funny people like NMR superfriends Nikki Limo and Steve Zaragoza with big name stand up comedians like Todd Glass and Pablo Francisco to create shows that cover comedy in its many forms.

With a lineup of new shows, LEG is banking on the idea that bringing in established YouTubers can help to shake off the issues that mainstream celebrities and companies tend to experience when trying to reinvent themselves on YouTube.

Some of the series that have been created so far include Just Riffin’ — a series that sits Limo down with comedians fresh off the stage (when they’re still hopped up on the adrenaline of performing) and The Internet is Weird with Owen Benjamin. His first topic? “Midgets.”

It looks promising and has some bigtime funding behind it, so we’re feeling bullish about the new channel’s potential. Clearly they knew what they were doing by getting YouTubers involved early on. It can be rough terrain without a Sherpa to guide you.

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