Why Nintendo’s E3 Event Disappointed Fans

Uh oh, Nintendo held a digital event at E3 to share it’s latest innovations and upcoming products and it looks like it rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way. Despite clearly putting some considerable effort into the presentation, which featured an extended sequence in which puppet versions of the Nintendo executive team prepare for the conference, the digital event met with scorn from fans both in the United States and back in Japan. The video currently has accumulated nearly 7,000 dislikes on YouTube in less than 24 hours and the comments section is unsurprisingly vicious. Meanwhile, Japanese social network Nico Nico conducted a poll which found that 70% of viewers had a negative or very negative impression of the presentation.


Considering its status as one of the last truly iconic game publishers Nintendo sure has a knack for turning off its fans. The disappointment with Nintendo’s E3 showing seems to come from the general lack of big announcements. Of course the event wasn’t exactly news free. Nintendo teased new installments to the Legend of Zelda and Metroid franchises as well as updates to the popular Animal Crossing. However, there’s no denying that this event was a bit light on big news.


Responding to the negative feedback on a number of online platforms Nintendo’s president Satoru Iawata, who leant his voice to a puppet doppelgänger for the event, tweeted a veiled apology. ““Thank you for staying up and watching. We are earnestly taking into account the various opinions regarding this year’s Digital Event, and we will work hard to meet everyone’s expectations in the future.”

There are a few reasons that Nintendo’s E3 event scored low with fans. First and foremost, this just isn’t a big year for Nintendo. The publisher has already said it won’t have any news about new consoles or other hardware until next year. The company has been very clear that both the NX console currently in development, and a rumored new mobile device, wouldn’t appear until 2016. More importantly, the company has been saving some of its most fun announcements for its frequent Nintendo Direct presentations leaving little news to wow fans at E3.