You Won’t Believe The Changes Disney Just Made To The Star Wars Universe


When Disney took over the Star Wars franchise we knew that eventually there would be changes. Even though we saw it coming a mile away it’s still hard to swallow. In the recently launched Star Wars comic, an in-canon continuation of the series produced by Marvel, Disney has given Han Solo a brand new WIFE and fans are appropriately losing their minds.


The Star Wars comics pick up in the Period between Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, a time when Han and Leia were in the midst of the heavy flirting that would eventually lead to their iconic romance. The masterminds at Disney have gone ahead and inserted a new face into the mix. Sana Solo, a gun totting no-nonsense young woman who introduces herself as Han’s wife. That means that Han Solo, the space pirate with a heart of gold who would eventually marry a princess has been committing some lite adultery the whole time!

As changes to the cannon universe go this is a pretty big one. Han was many things in the original films — an outlaw, a smuggler, a noted criminal — but he was also a bachelor whose love for Leia played a major role in his eventual reform. To say that he’d abandoned a wife along the way certainly casts his whole character in a new light and fans aren’t thrilled about it. We checked in to see how the internet was reacting.




Promotional images of Sana don’t tell us much about her real backstory. She claims to be Han’s wife and based on his reaction it’s clear that the two know each other and that he’s not thrilled to see her. It’s still possible, and perhaps even likely, that Disney and Marvel are trying to pull a fast one on us. Sana could be lying, or even delusional, the teaser images gives us her intro and nothing more.

One thing is clear: the original film continuity is still intact, so Han and Leia are still a sure thing, so that means Sana has to be dealt with somehow, right? Is Han solo a bigamist? A widower? A divorcee? Only time will tell, but we’ll say this for Marvel’s new Star Wars universe…it’s certainly got our attention.

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