You Won’t Believe This Slow Motion Zombie Outbreak

To be totally honest, we’ve been having kind of a field day watching some of the brightest minds in YouTube have a field day with YouTube’s Field Day channel. Did you get all that?

The YouTube Spaces have teamed up with some of YouTube’s coolest and most inventive creators to form Field Day, a channel that lets creators go a little wild and build something bigger or cooler than they might be used to. We’ve seen Action Movie Kid expand his arsenal of powers and watched nuns having fun, all thanks to Field Day. Now it’s Mike Relm’s turn.

The iconic remixer, musician, and director has taken two of YouTube’s most popular tropes, zombies and slow motion, and mashed them up into something totally unique. Films have delivered dozens of visions of what a zombie apocalypse would look like, but they all have one thing in common: they happen fast. Zombies appear, rush in, and tear people to shreds before the world has a chance to react. Mike Relm turned that trope on its head by slowing the scene down so you can savor every gory detail. Check it out.

All the gut slicing…



…brain splattering…


…and flesh ripping you could want.


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