YouTube Newswire Will Make You The Journalists Of Their New News Channel

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Every day, thousands of stories are uploaded to YouTube — first person eyewitness accounts of the events that affect our world by people who were actually there with a cameraphone. Now YouTube wants to do something proactive with that footage.

Enter new channel YouTube Newswire:

The classic style of news is all but dead. In the old world, an incident would happen, the news would show up and record images of an empty street, marked only with some caution tape. They would then tell you how something happened there, hours earlier, and how you should feel about it.

The new world news reality is that few people don’t have cameras connected to their phone now. Whether it’s a public shooting or a great white eating a bloated whale carcass, more likely than not, footage is going to emerge. And that footage is going right to the web.

Well now, YouTube has connected with Irish news service Storyful to harness all that footage into a compelling 24-hour news channel. Searching out the most interesting stories from the web, YouTube NewsWire will verify them for accuracy and post them to their channel (hopefully awarding any and all adsense to the O.G. content producers.

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Storyful has been doing this manner of content production for years is how they’ve gotten themselves into the mix, and may have been the ones to approach YouTube, who they’ve been working with in limited capacity since 2011.

Of course, it might not seem like such a great idea for YouYTube to cannibalize some of its own popular channels that do news wire stuff — like The Young Turks, but we’ll see.

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