YouTube ‘Ruins The Surprise’ Of Music Says Foals Lead Singer

"We're fussy"

“We’re fussy”

Of all the reasons people have ever used to complain about YouTube, “ruining the surprise” is a new one. But that’s the problem lead singer of Foals, Yannis Philippakis, has with the video platform, according to his interview with NME (no, not Necrotic Migratory Erythema).

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Discussing the idea of playing any new music on his tour, Yannis said:

“We’ve got some festivals booked in over summer, we’re itching to start playing this stuff… but thanks to YouTube I don’t wanna ruin the surprise so we’ll probably keep a bit of a lid on it,” Philippakis said. “If it was up to me, we would have been playing new songs already for ages but you just can’t do that anymore because then you get some crappy phone version of a song that gets thousands of views and it spoils everything because you get this whole commentary on whether the album version is better than the phone version in this 2bit quality. I’d rather not spoil the surprise of a record we’ve worked hard to make sound a certain way by jumping the gun.”

So there you go — you obnoxious fans who can’t just live in the moment are costing the rest of us some cool insight into bands’ future directions. Who knows what other artists aren’t trying stuff out in concert because of you?

Maybe think “Am I hurting the band I love when posting this bootleg footage?” or do bands simply need to get over themselves and start living in the modern era?

And yes, I’m quite aware of the irony of including bootleg Foals concert footage in this article.

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