YouTube Star Found Dead In Alley

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It’s a sad day for the believers in the generosity of the human spirit. TMZ has reported that viral YouTube star Kenni Thomas Nickel was found in an alley, dead from alcoholism.

Nickel, a longtime homeless man, was the star of that controversial viral video in which Josh Paler Lin gave him $100 and “secretly” followed him around to see how he spent it. Turns out the man went around doing kind things for other people who were down on their luck, buying them food and whatnot.

The video amassed 39 million views even amidst rampant speculation that the footage was staged. Regardless, Kenni seems like a good guy at heart.

Nickel was 56 at the time of his death … and at the time the video was filmed in Dec. 2014, if he had a late month birthday.

Hopefully he is up in heaven now, giving Ben Franklin’s to the actual Ben Franklin. Or at the very least, no longer homeless.

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