YouTuber LoeyLane Fights For Fat Girl Bikini Acceptance — Is She Wrong?

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Loey Lane looks gorgeous at any size. And she should be able to wear what she wants in public, free of commentary. But then, I also think YouTube is a hub for commentary and criticism is valuable. Some people disagree with that mindset — it’s why we can’t have nice things.

See, what makes YouTube so popular is not only the interactions between YouTubers and fans — but also the interactions between YouTubers and not really trolls exactly (trolls are worthless), but people who don’t really agree with the creator’s viewpoints. That’s a part of YouTube’s value as a social media platform — the discussion that occurs as a result of differing opinions.

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If all YouTube was were positive people saying positive things, it would just be an ego-stroking forum, which would be of little good to anyone. So when creators say, “If you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t subscribe!” it’s not exactly a fair assessment of the situation. Wouldn’t it be great if they instead said, “If you don’t like my videos, tell me in a constructive manner how your opinion differs and we can go from there.” Because someone doesn’t like a YouTuber’s viewpoint doesn’t mean that they have no value to the YouTuber. And also, it doesn’t mean that the YouTuber has no value to them. Maybe they should encourage the so-called haters to subscribe? It might just turn an enemy into a fan … or at least, bring about some acceptance and empathy for a fellow human being?

As Loey says at one point in her above video about body acceptance, “I didn’t realise there was a meeting and all the people who are allowed to decide what’s attractive and what’s not are now commenters on YouTube,” Yes, there are a lot of creeps and jerks running around being deliberately hurtful.

But there are also people who mean well and have a differing opinion (but can’t quite make the right argument). YouTuber The Vegan Cheetah found this out when he made a video response to Loey’s video:

In it, he is just trying to push his own agenda — the vegan lifestyle — but it comes across as a fat shaming piece, when that isn’t his actual argument. He ended up getting so much shade that he had to create a follow up post begging people to stop spamming his Facebook.

That’s a problem with the current mindset of the country — we’re so focused on being positive about everything that we forget criticism has real value. As long as it comes from a good place, that is. There are a lot of jerks out there.

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