YouTuber Robbie Sherrard Called A Panty-Touching Creep, Forced To Move

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Okay, we’re going to put aside the discussion of whether playing with women’s underwear you found on the sidewalk is nasty for a sec so we can concentrate on the bigger story of what happened to YouTuber Robbie Sherrard.

With nearly 100,000 subscribers, Sherrard is definitely a YouTube star, but apparently his neighbor doesn’t watch his channel. On May 26, Sherrard posted a video to his channel explaining some unusual circumstances: he found a lacy black thong underwear on the sidewalk outside his apartment. And decided to examine it … with his bare hands.

Tossing it, turning it, holding it against his neck, the only thing Sherrard doesn’t do to the panties in the course of his initial video, is smell them. For his “gee gosh” earnestness though, he received 1.7 million views for the footage — good work for a guy with panties (of course, Steve Kardynal did 20 million views for actually wearing a pair).

Had he left the panty exploration at his YouTube video, he would still be in his apartment. But Sherrard decided to take his curiosity further and ask if they were his neighbor’s panties … his allegedly 85-year-old neighbor, “Gladys.”

According to him it became a big issue and he was forced to relocate because “Gladys” no longer felt “safe.”

Weird, right?

Of course, nothing is ever that simple in the world of Robbie Sherrard. Watching those two videos, you get the sense that this guy could be the most naive motherf*cker on the planet. That or a total psycho. Watching the rest of his videos though, you begin to get a sense of the comedic brilliance that he possesses. Everything Sherrard does fails — spectacularly. He’s like the Inspector Clousseau of YouTube, just bumbling his way through life in a series of accidental misfortunes that start good and go south quickly.

Sherrard is a shrewd character actor, so likely the panties are brand new store-bought (they look brand new) and Gladys is a myth. But I prefer to believe she isn’t and that nasty thong was hers — not even her nastiest pair, the skank.

This might just be my new favorite channel. It should probably be yours too.

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