YouTubers How Ridiculous Make World Record Basketball Shot + 4 Other Guinness World’s Records Set By YouTubers

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YouTubers How Ridiculous just made the official world’s highest basketball shot — a distance of 415 feet, according to Guinness, by dropping a basketball off Australia’s Gordon Dam.

I think YouTubers have a leg up on the competition though.

Do you realize how hard it would be for a “normie” to get a basketball hoop to Australia (or buy one once you’ve flown down there) and then get access to film something like this? You probably couldn’t, especially post 9/11. Plus, in an attempt to consistently provide amazing content, YouTubers are always doing insane things. So it’s fair to say that YouTubers, in the course of their work, are gonna break a few world records.

Here are four other YouTubers who have made the Guinness Book of World Records:

4. ShayCarl, Stuart Edge, DevinSuperTramp, Piano Guys, Etc. — World’s Largest Nativity Scene

3. Furious Pete — Fastest Time To Eat A 12” Pizza

2. PewDiePie — Most Subscribers On YouTube

1. Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler — Most Bangles In 30 Seconds (GWRomg)

I know what you’re thinking — how come Dude Perfect isn’t in here? Well, we talked to them about that. It’s a great interview.

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