1,000 Rockers Play “Learn to Fly” To Summon Foo Fighters: 5 Other Things 1,000 People Can Do

Yesterday was like any other day in the Internet. Things were posted, giggles were being emitted from the silly memes, and some troll was trying very, very hard to “ruin” someone’s day. And then, all of sudden, the video above surfaced onto the internet, and it’s probably one of the most epic videos I’ve ever seen. It’s 1,000 people who’ve gathered in the middle of some field in the small town of Cesena, Italy, and they perform “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters. All of this was possible thanks to Fabio Zaffagnini. He was the dreamer that really wanted “Foo Fighters” to come to his hometown. Mr. Grohl answered the call and he says “yes.” Once he finished the video, these were probably the next words that came out of his mouth:


Honestly, this video is so friggin’ cool. Just watching these guys have fun and perform this song gave me goosebumps, and it makes me even happier that Foo Fighters said yes. Like, that’s absolutely incredible! If I could get 1,000 people to do something, I’d definitely do it all the time. In fact, what would I even do with 1,000 people at my disposal? Let’s see…

1. Recreate Mulan’s “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”

Out of all the classic Disney songs, this one is my favorite. It is a song that gets you pumped up and it tells you that you can do it with whatever it is that you want to achieve. If I could get 1,000 people to do this song, that’d make the little kid in me so damn happy. I’d have people sing in different octaves, have several choreographers teach these singers how to dance and create a set where one singer climbs the pole, kind of like how Mulan did.

2. Legendary Paintball Match

This would be the match of matches. I’d set this match up in either a huge field, a couple of abandoned buildings, or a junkyard! I’d also hide power weapons all across the battlefield, giving one team a huge advantage. The possibilities are endless! This match would definitely be a pay-per-view event that people would totally pay to see. Others would try very hard to try and find a stream of this match or try to set up a stream for the match, but they would fail hard because they’d get shut down by the FCC. Yeah, that match would be so friggin’ cool.

3. Helping someone out of poverty

Hand Holding Cash

If 1,000 people donated $1 to a homeless person, that homeless person would have $1,000. If they donated $20, that homeless person would have $20,000! That’s enough to get a place to live in for a few months, new clothes, food, and probably set that person up with a new job. Then if that same crowd donated $1 each, that person would be well-off for a while. Yeah, it’s just one person, but thanks to those donations, we’ve made a complete 180 for the person. He went from having nothing to having something, and that’s good enough for me.

4. Pillow Fort!


This pillow fort would be so massive! It’d be a pillow village! A nice, fluffy village. People would have to crawl to get to certain places, and in order to enter some other area, they’d have to bargain would stuffed animals or pillows pets. Everything would be soft and fluffy and it’d eventually turn into a sleepy pillow village.

5. City-Wide Scavenger Hunt


First of all, I hope this would officially be the biggest scavenger hunt ever. Secondly, this scavenger hunt would be SO EPIC! I’d even get the local government involved in it, and have the final item be in the mayor’s office or something. There would be 20 teams of 50 and this hunt would force people to get down and dirty. They’d have to climb to rooftops, dive into ponds, and enter sewers. And everything would be real-time. By that, I mean that there’d be this huge scoreboard in the middle of some plaza or a park and it would be updating the scoreboard every second. And then there’d be side events to boost your score and different items to deter the other teams or boost your own. GOD, THINKING ABOUT THIS SCAVENGER HUNT IS GETTING ME SO PUMPED!

What would you do if you had 1,000 people to do what you wanted to do? Tell us!