4 Reasons New ‘Dog Abuse’ Video Will Make You Side With the ‘Abuser’

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A popular new video going around has been stirring up controversy — not because it is footage of a dog being abused, though the title of the clip is “Animal Abuser exposed by BudSlayer,” but because the person doing the filming seems like a complete and utter psycho.

Screeching from his car window about a man walking his dog on an apparently hot day, Bud Slayer has managed to make even people who hate animal abuse turn against him as evidenced by the small number of likes to the large number of dislikes on the video in addition to the comments below it.

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With only 108 subscribers, this channel is only just getting started in YouTube. And while, yes, making over-the-top controversial videos will attract subscribers and fans (Charlie Manson gets fans, so don’t think attention paid is always positive), its a crappy way to go through life.

We’d love for the cameraman to have an awesome channel and do really well for himself, instead of just being a villain who is hot for a second and then completely forgotten, so we thought we’d offer some advice on why this video sucks. Here are four reasons this video will make you side with the so-called dog “abuser.”

4. The dog is clearly not in pain

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This dog, if it were miserable, would be whimpering, attempting to get off the pavement or otherwise be displaying pain. That it isn’t is a pretty good indicator that this dog is fine. In fact, as the owner pets it, it licks at him; the dog seems to be in pretty good spirits, enjoying a walk on a sunny day. We’ve gotten to a fever pitch with animal rights activists — they’re starting to overwhelm their own cause by being obnoxious, too in-your-face and insane in their claims. With videos like this, the cause is being hurt more than it’s being helped.

3. He is loud and insufferable

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The human equivalent of a Westboro Baptist Church sign, this guy is loud, a public spectacle, and a nuisance. There are many ways to express your opinions without screaming and threatening people. Driving around, cussing people out and pointing a camera at them to the point where they feel necessary to warn you that they are carrying a weapon (he did not pull a gun on you as you claim, he merely showed you he had one) should tell you that maybe they aren’t the problem with the world — you are.

2. He threatens to call the police

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This is one of those cases where, if the police had been called, hopefully the person who called them would be the one going to jail. The police have better things to do (no matter what your opinion is of them lately) than dealing with the pissant whims of overly aggressive whiners. Right off the bat, the camera guy threatens to call the police. When that cop gets called, he or she has to show up, assess the situation, determine that the guy in the car is the problem, tell the angry and irrational party to calm down, call for backup when the crazy person gets out of their car and attacks him, use his taser to drop him, spend time arresting him, and then fill out a report on the scenario. That’s a ton of extra work for the police. And all because someone made an unnecessary allegation.

Ask this jerk how these situations tend to go:

1. He acts like a bully

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Threatening to beat the man up and calling him a “pussy” are bully tactics. In case you haven’t noticed, bullies aren’t exactly tolerated in this day and age. It’s no surprise this video is attracting attention, people don’t want to see other people treated this way (even when an animal is involved). Some would argue that people are animals too — and when you pull this crap, it makes you the abuser.

Settle down and maybe think of ways to make the world a better place instead of an angrier and worse one.

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