5 Things We Learned From This Year’s VidCon

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VidCon is the ultimate YouTube convention (sorry, PlayList Live), so you have to expect a few major events to happen, both good and bad. But even if you couldn’t go (like me, my first time NOT going in years — NMR had our crew there, just not yours truly), it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out. We thought we’d gather up five key happenings that made this year’s VidCon different and special.

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5. Jesus freaks were the hot topic

For some reason, the nuts with the big yellow signs were more omnipresent this year. They are always around, warning people that they’re going to hell, but this year they invaded the crowds and made more than a few people angry. While administrators told people to ignore them, some kids just couldn’t. A few brought out their own signs or just took pictures flipping off the protestors … protesting the protesters.

4. Creators care more about business advice than pictures with stars

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VidCon used to be about spotting your favorite YouTube or Vine star, and then running, shrieking, to mob around them and get pictures taken with them. And while there was still plenty of that this year, there was also a lot more kids with the pressing question: How do I make my channel relevant? YouTube, with its panels, was always geared towards helping people grow their channels, but this year more than any other year, kids who are just starting out are looking for advice more than selfies. It is hinting at the power of VidCon’s future for educating.

3. Rebecca Black has a new album coming

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It won’t sound like “Friday” or even “Saturday,” her follow-up to the world’s most hated song. Nope, she got rid of her old producers and is working on a concept for a completely new sound, she announced at VidCon 2015. So will she actually be able to buck the reputation of being a terrible singer (she’s not) and actually become a major musical star?

2. Carter Reynolds was persona non-grata

The controversial Vine and YouTube star showed up this year despite not being welcome at VidCon this year. It came as a result of a controversial video on the internet that purported to show him attempting to coerce his underaged girlfriend into sexual activities on camera.His appearance didn’t sit well with the other attendees and the ensuing commotion resulted in him being removed from the convention floor.

1. YouTubers will do anything for a free t-shirt

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Mitú, the main Spanish language YouTube network, decided to test VidCon attendees’ willingness to do stupid things for a free hat or a t-shirt. And so they whipped up burritos with combined ingredients that made them gross (like peanut butter and ketchup) and made them eat them. And eat them they did. YouTubers allegedly came in droves to sample the nasty.

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