7 Mainstream Celebrities That Could Be Amazing At YouTube (If They Wanted To Be)

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YouTube is the future of entertainment. But that doesn’t mean mainstream celebrities would cease to exist. No, they’d just have to adapt a little if they wanted to stay contemporary. But not everyone is cut out for YouTube as we’ve seen. There are a lot of abandoned channels that were started with the intent of a mainstream celebrity becoming the next PewDiePie.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that mainstream celebs shouldn’t try to take up a YouTube channel. In fact, just the opposite: we think they all should try at least. Who knows, a few of them might break through and create awesome channels. And just to prove our point, here are seven mainstream celebrities that could be amazing at YouTube (if they wanted to be):

7. Retta

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With the end of “Parks and Rec” earlier this year, fans are hungry for more from Retta (who played Donna Meagle on the hit show). The comedian’s Twitter @unfoRETTAble has been praised and hyped by BuzzFeed and Salon.com. With 314K followers reading her hilarious recaps of whatever she’s watching on TV, a successful transition to vlogging seems the next logical step for the actor/comedian who is beloved for keeping it real. With a built-in fan-base, a long career in stand-up, a genuine passion for television and her credibility as a former host of the Critic’s Choice Television Awards, Retta has all the makings of a YouTube sensation. She even told Salon.com “…if this acting thing doesn’t work out, maybe I could be a blogger”. Do it, Retta! Treat. Yo. Self. (And us!)

6. Caitlyn Jenner

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When Caitlyn Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair earlier this month, she started a long-overdue conversation about gender identity. Her final interview as Bruce Jenner, which aired on 20/20 to 20.7 million viewers, captured America’s attention and incited much controversy, but also showcased Jenner’s humanity and likeability. Mainstream media has (sort of) shown its support of the former Olympian and reality star’s courage, but clearly (never read the comments!) there’s more work to be done. Coming off her acceptance of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPYs, Jenner will star in E!’s docu-series “I am Cait”. YouTube seems the perfect place for her to continue her advocacy for the transgender community via more personal-style video confessionals geared toward mentoring transgender youth and promoting diversity and acceptance.

5. David Letterman

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Although Letterman’s “Late Show” ended in May, we can’t quit him, and clearly, he can’t quit us. Less than two months after the the talk-show legend retired, he made a surprise appearance at an event in San Antonio to deliver another “Top 10 List”, this time eviscerating Donald Trump. YouTube is the perfect low-maintenance medium for the hard-working Hoosier to keep doing what he loves for fans who love to watch him do it.

4. Betty White

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Youtube is chock-full of videos of animals being cute. What’s cuter than cute animals? America’s national treasure Betty White, of course! The 93-year-old actress, who was awarded the Guinness World Record for “longest television career by a female”, remains popular with younger audiences who love the Golden Girl so much they started a successful campaign on Facebook in 2010 calling for her to host SNL. In fact, White is the first person ever to host SNL based on an internet movement created by fans. Considering her devoted internet following and her long-time work as an animal rights activist, White would be a shoo-in to host a YouTube channel celebrating our furry friends. Throw in White’s bawdy sense of humor (let’s face it – YouTubers adore vids of old people refusing to act their age), and White is poised to conquer yet another entertainment medium.