7 Mainstream Celebrities That Could Be Amazing At YouTube (If They Wanted To Be)

3. Channing Tatum

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What would YouTube be without eye candy? Channing Tatum offers a bit more than meets the eye, though. His humble beginnings coupled with his charming, boy-next-door quality make him the perfect fit for YouTube, where internet celebs are self-made, often overnight. Bonus: for those of us who are too mortified to meet the spectacle that is Magic Mike XXL head-on in the theatres, a Channing-channel would be the perfect solution. Imagine all the singles you’d save watching Channing give you “dance lessons” in the privacy of your own home!

2. Martha Stewart/Snoop Dogg

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The genuine friendship between these two is just too weird and wonderful not to be exploited on a lifestyle channel on YouTube. Although the two are from different worlds, like the meme of Snoop and Martha baking together suggests, one should not stereotype. Snoop has (hilariously) appeared on Martha’s show twice, proving he knows a thing or two about cooking, and, given her 2004 felony conviction, we all know Martha’s not as innocent as she appears. In fact, at the recent Justin Bieber roast, rumor has it Martha even sampled some of Snoop’s special herbs backstage. A YouTube partnership between these two would most definitely be the shiznit.

1. George W. Bush


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You may be too young to remember, but way back in prehistoric times (the mid 80s – mid 90s) PBS aired a show called The Joy of Painting hosted by painter and art instructor Bob Ross. Throughout the show, Ross would reveal the techniques of creating an oil painting, speaking in a soothing, hypnotic voice, encouraging the at-home painter to add “happy little clouds” and “happy little trees” to their creations. Sadly, Ross passed away in 1995, leaving a programmatic hole we think would be best-filled on YouTube by Former President and budding artist, George W. Bush. When an email hack revealed Bush’s paintings to the world back in 2013, Americans were shocked to learn the man’s man had a softer side, a strange eye for subject matter, and a surprising amount of skill in the art form. Since then, his work has been showcased at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and widely reviewed and panned by art critics. He may not be a natural teacher, but his Texas twang and signature chuckle are rather Bob Ross-ian. Still skeptical about George Bush the YouTube art instructor? Hey – don’t misunderestimate him.

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