A Soundcloud User Turned The Skype Ringtone Into The Song Of The Summer

A few moments ago someone here in the NMR office said, “Hey, someone made a song out of the Skype ringtone.” And I said, “Isn’t it…already a song?” because I am a boring person who considers a string of vaguely melodic tones to be music. At any rate, once everyone was done shaming me, I checked it out and let me tell you something. It’s not half bad.

The song, “Call Me” is the work of Oshi, a London-based DJ and producer who has amassed a sizable following on Soundcloud with his skillful remixes of pop and hip-hop jams. However, it’s one thing to take a hit song and turn it into something more awesome. It’s another matter entirely to take the sound of your dreaded daily conference call and transform it into a smooth low-key jam. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.

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