Anti-Vaccination Mom Wants To Sue Because Her Teen Daughter Used Babysitting Money to Get Vaccinated

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When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. And everything about this story is just a little too much trigger to be real. Unfortunately, we will likely never know if it is real, but on the off chance it is, feel free to get furious.

Get this: a CANADIAN mom who is AGAINST VACCINATING CHILDREN went to REDDIT’S legal forum r/legaladvice to ASK WHO SHE COULD SUE BECAUSE HER (LEGALLY AN ADULT) TEENAGE DAUGHTER GOT VACCINATED WITHOUT HER PERMISSION. See how all the elements are there to start a good indignation rampage? So many parts of the story are just hair-triggers for outrage and a mass of how-dare-she! postings. It seems like the work of a skilled troll — so many components of the story give added dimension to manufacture more anger: the teen girl used her babysitting money, none of her children are vaccinated, what kind of action can we take against public health? Even the account is a one-time use throwaway.

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– Not the mom in question, remain calm – (Though this lady was arrested for trolling herself, so not some innocent)

I’m surprised “she” didn’t casually mention that she was also an extremely overweight Christian feminist, but that is what likely makes this a better brand of troll than Reddit is typically associated with.

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While the actual post was ultimately deleted, it still had its desired effect of rattling up the Reddit natives who bristled and climbed aboard their soapboxes to shout at someone who has the audacity to poison their children by omission.

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Look, just so you don’t get all crazy on me because you saw that headline and came barnstorming in here thinking I would say anything except that this is LIKELY the work of a troll, the anti-vaccination people really are morons at this point. Enough has come out to refute their cause completely, including the destruction of Andrew Wakefield’s study that linked autism and vaccinations in the first place.

Of course, when you cling to a notion in spite of everything going against you, moron is the best word to describe you. Of course, because you came here wanting to be properly angry, I am also only too happy to indulge your loathing. Some other people who stood alone against the tide of public thought and “accepted knowledge” include Tycho Brahe, Charles Darwin, Galileo and Copernicus. Now we revere these people for their gumption. Maybe we’ll one day say the same for Jenny McCarthy. ;P

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Now go forth and be angry like you wanted.