Ariana Grande Fans Are Licking Donuts On Instagram To Support Pop Star’s Gross Trend

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You wanna feel old? Try and envision sticking up for Ariana Grande, who went into a donut shop and licked some of the product that she did not purchase. Gross, right? You can’t get behind that, right? Well, guess what? Defending her is a huge trends right now on Instagram, as young kids, boys and girls alike, are banding together to “lick donuts with Ariana.”

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Posting pictures of them tonguing mostly digital emojis of donuts, the pop stars actions apparently make perfect sense to tweens who are posting their pictures with the hashtag #lickdonutswithari. Wait ‘til they rediscover those posts in about 10 years though, that’s the really obnoxious part. They don’t yet know how gross this is, but they’ll understand one day. Having to listen to them protest that they are right until then will be a pain the ass though. We should be coming up on all those apologies from kids who thought they were right to cut themselves in the name of Justin Bieber, so that should be nice.

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The owner of the donut shop where “Ari” did her bit of food terrorism is also looking to press charges against the pop singer. According to Buzzfeed, the California health inspectors came to Wolfee Donuts as a result of the media coverage and downgraded the cleanliness rating from an “A” to a “B.” Yeah, saliva on donuts isn’t exactly a selling point for clean eating.

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Everything about this story sucks. I’m just gonna go sit in a rocking chair and complain about my arthritis. Of course, me saying that sucks for the people older than me who are now thinking, “Just wait you ignorant young pup, your time of never-ceasing age-related pains will come.” I suppose I’ll owe them an apology in 10 years.

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