‘Banned’ Documentary About Why Donald Trump Sucks Dropped Online For Free

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25 years ago, a young filmmaker named Libby Handros made a documentary exposé about New York real estate superstar Donald Trump. Digging into his claims, she revealed a lot information that Trump apparently didn’t want people to see. He allegedly threatened to sue any distributor who released the film in theaters or on television, which back in 1991, was the only way people could see things like this. Basically, the Donald suppressed the film is what the filmmaker is saying.

And now that we have access to digital platforms and that increase of media coincides with the fact that Trump is running for President, Handros has decided to release the film for free online. As she tells it, “Now that Trump is running for president, it is time for the American People to meet the real Donald and learn how he does business. The old Trump and the new Trump? They’re the same Trump.”

The nearly four minute trailer, which is on YouTube, delves into the dangerous conditions he put workers in, how he apparently mistreated his own family and how Christopher Reeve hated him. The film even suggests he was the inspiration for Gene Hackman’s portrayal of Lex Luthor.

Good stuff.

You can watch the entire film on the website Trumpthemovie.com. Of course, the Trump loyalists are already complaining about this being a smear campaign. But if you make yourself look bad, who else can you blame? Trump himself hasn’t yet addressed the movie’s return, but knowing him, he will just be excited that there is another product with his name on it.

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