BroadBandTV Gets Further Into Music With BMG Partnership

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Shahrzad Rafati is pretty much my favorite CEO ever. Whenever Topps releases their new CEO trading cards, I always look for the Shahrzad Rafati rookie card. Also, when she has interesting news that pertains to the world of digital creation, I like to report that as well.

So today is a pretty good day because BroadbandTV, the media property company founded by Ms. Rafati, has announced a partnership with BMG, the music company, to create Windfall.


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No, you’re thinking of Skyfall — James Bond. Shahrzad is still a “good guy” (for now). No, this new ambitious project of theirs, Windfall, is utilizing synergy to recruit and enable up & coming musicians to have a full span of services — musicians like you. Probably. From BMG’s know-how with the music world and BroadbandTV’s know-how with the digital video realm, they are banking on the notion that they can create a premium haven to develop and launch the rockstars of tomorrow.


“This deal is another shining example of our commitment in advancing the online video ecosystem, and is an exciting addition to our growing portfolio of services,” said Shahrzad, as she doubtlessly stared longingly up at the same moon I was staring at too. “The launch of Windfall supports our goal to more than double the size of our music network over the next 12 months. Not only does this partnership with BMG break new ground in expanding the relationship between artists and labels, it’s a big step forward in the music industry as a whole where online video has become such a massive strategic component to engage with fans. With Windfall, we’re not just creating music stars, but media stars.”

Yeah, that’s totally what I just said too.

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The deal has just been announced, so don’t think you can just go marching into BBTV and demanding that they cater to your every musical whim. Actually, I don’t think you could do that even if Windfall was established …

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