Comic-Con 2015: The Best Panels of SDCC [Part 2]

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Look, there’s A TON of good stuff going on at Comic-Con this year, from the regular costumed and cosplay characters, to gossipy buzz, to the industry news, the parties, and the standing in ginormous lines for hours. But there’s also the panels.

Yeah, you could attend all the main days of Comic-Con, not see a single panel and still have a great time, but you are just ripping yourself off. There are tons of good speakers on a variety of topics, meaningful and frivolous from across the comic book, entertainment and superhero sectors.

But how do you choose what to go to? What are the best panels for your time? How do you pick between overlaps in the schedule? Fortunately, NMR happen to be experts on all things Comic-Con and we’ve gone through the enormous original list to pare it down to a few simple MUST SEES. Of course, for brevities sake (and because you Comic-Con types seem okay with narratives broken into multiple chapters), we then hacked the list in half to inform you over two days.

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Here are the essential Comic-Con panel experiences from Part 2 of that list — Saturday and Sunday:

(Part 1 Available Here!)

Okay, you’re two days in now and still rolling hard. You’ve had some missteps — your Darth Vader cosplay didn’t fit like you remember from last year’s Comic-Con, but that’s okay. You’re ready to check out some panels.

Saturday July 11

First up should absolutely be The Last Man on Earth. This panel has everything you want at 10:00 am on a Saturday morning, except a Bloody Mary: celebrities, sneak peaks and the fantastic Kristin Schaal (if you didn’t get enough of her at the Bob’s Burgers panel on Friday).

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Next, slip over to the Warner Bros. presentation to see if this Batman vs. Superman thing is going to be worth a damn:

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There’s an overlap between the two so plan your battles carefully.

Dark Circles Comics are doing some really ambitious things lately, and lucky for you, it’s the best option during the 1:00 pm block:

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This one just sounds fun:

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While you won’t get to ask the hardline questions about office politics and backroom deals, this Marvel Q&A with Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada will yield some delicious knowledge:

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Pretty soon, self-publishing will be THE GAME in comic books. Get in early with this discussion:

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If you can get in on this MAD Magazine panel, it will probably pretty candid and gossipy:

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And of course for us horror junkies:

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Sunday,  July 12

The last day of the convention is tough. Everyone is usually pretty worn out by now and thinking about beating traffic. But that doesn’t mean you should skip any of the following:


First up, check out this treatise-in-panel-form on what it takes to be a modern superhero:

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Yes, it means missing the Emily the Strange panel, but Comic-Con is also about sacrifices.

We’re on a super big “end bullying kick at NMR, so of course we’re going to pitch you the End Bullying panel. This is the mother in us goading you to eat vegetables instead of candy. We don’t really think you’re gonna listen, but we tried:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 4.13.20 PM So what’s up for after lunch? Might we suggest this awesome celeb lineup for a bit on American Horror Story and Scream Queens:

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But you’ve also got to choose between that and this Children’s Hospital panel:

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So you don’t feel like going to the big costume thing on Saturday night. No worries, they’ve got a specialized replay for you:

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We’ll always give a shoutout to our homey Markiplier:

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We love what FX TV is generating lately, so this panel should be a slam dunk:

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Did someone say trivia:

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And, time-permitting, you can always pop in to make your voice heard with the Comic-Con overlords … or just see other people make their voices heard. Something tells me someone is gonna say “shorter lines”:

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So there you go! With this handy guide and Part 1 in tow, you should have the best Comic-Con experience ever! Of course, don’t tell anybody this, but you can’t really go wrong at Comic-Con … as long as you don’t pick up an STD from a Klingon.

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