Corey Feldman’s Musical ‘Performance’ At A Minor League Baseball Game Is Stuff of Internet Legend

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Apparently the State College Spikes didn’t know what they were getting into when they hired? recruited? were blackmailed by? 80’s child star Corey Feldman to play their postgame show.

The minor league baseball team who is a Class A feeder affiliate for the St. Louis Cardinals issued an apology to their fans after the spectacle which included Feldman dressing up like Michael Jackson to dance and sing along with his band — women in barely-there angel costumes. Video of the event is making its way around online now:

Feldman, who was umm nurtured by the iconic pop singer who eventually saw his career mired in child molestation allegations, has been doing this Michael Jackson schtick for decades. Whether the Spikes entertainment coordinator knew about it when they booked his band Truth Movement, is up for discussion. Issuing an apology via their Twitter, the Spikes didn’t go into details about what part of the show fans might have found offensive.

My guess? Everything. It’s Corey-goddamn-Feldman, he’s now most famous for being one half of a child celebrity trainwreck. Did they honestly think they were going to get “family friendly entertainment” from a guy who is possibly known more for alleged drug-fueled orgies than for his acting career? Feldman, for his part, hasn’t taken the slam from the baseball team lying down though. He went on his own Twitter to call the event the most unprofessional thing he’s ever been associated with.

And that from a guy who was in Blown Away (no, not the Jeff Daniels one) AND Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.

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