Did The Golf Trick Shot Boys Just Invent The ‘Stunt Travel’ Genre? [VIDEO]

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I think the Golf Trick Shot Boys have invented a new genre of video: stunt travel.

I’ve long thought that one of the best aspects of videos made by brilliant creators in foreign lands is that not only do you get to be entertained by their performance skill, you also get a free sightseeing tour around a city you’ve maybe never visited.

The Golf Trick Shot Boys, working in conjunction with Golf Digest in this installment of their video series, take us on a tour of London — from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, many of London’s best sights are on display here.

Even better: The Golf Trick Shot Boys highlight the sights so you actually know what you’re looking at, so there’s no getting lost. If only we could get some history trivia thrown in, it would be perfect.

Better still: You get to watch amazing friggin’ golf shots integrated into the landscape while you’re taking this fun little trip around the globe.

Kevin Carpenter and Geoff Swain, the duo who comprises the Golf Trick Shot Boys, have mastered the multiple arts of “juggling,” “passing,” “trick shooting” and “making it all look easy.” On second thought, everything they do looks incredibly hard. But as our tour guides through one of the world’s most historical cities, they’re flawless.

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Even if you don’t like the sport itself, do yourself a favor and book your next trip with the Golf Trick Shot Boys. I can’t wait to see where they go next.

Hopefully it involves a certain “place in France where the naked ladies dance,” but we’ll see.

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