Doctors Taking ‘Vagina Selfies’ In Delivery Room Is Gross Instagram Trend

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Chances are, on the best day of your life — the day you give birth to a child — you aren’t looking your best: your hair is a mess, you’re not wearing makeup, you’re sweating and grimacing, your belly is swollen and distended and you’ve got a little person sliding out of your crotch. So there’s a good chance that, during all of that madness, you probably don’t want the doctor taking a picture of himself and your vagina to share with his Instagram followers.

A controversial new trend in selfies — joining funeral selfies and “stolen baby” pics is birthing room selfies. Trending on Instagram under the hashtag #deliveryroom, the pictures of the docs with their hands up women’s hoohas are alarming particularly because there isn’t clarity on whether the mommies in question are aware of the postings.

The woman on the table is allegedly unconscious.

The woman on the table is allegedly unconscious.

According to Metro UK, doctors have been posting the pics along with occasional jokes about the “husband stitch, e.g. sewing the woman’s vagina up extra tight for the husband. A student obstetrician, Daniel Sanchez recently took down a pic he posted along with the tag, “Lady I can deliver your baby but first let me take a selfie.” He also added to it: “bring kids into the world and reconstruct pussies” and boasted that “his team give women vaginas that are ‘brand new, like a car with zero kilometres on the clock.”

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Allegedly 4,000 people signed a petition to have the doctor face disciplinary actions. But that certainly hasn’t stemmed the tide against other doctors doing much of the same:

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