Dude Perfect Teams With Paul Rudd For Dizzy Sports + 4 Other Excellent Special Guest Vids

These group of bros are called Dude Perfect, a YouTube Channel that completes the most ridiculous trick shots anyone has ever seen. It all started off with “a free sandwich, a simple camera, and 20 ‘I can do better than you’ shots,” as they have stated on their website. Six years later, their channel keeps getting more and more popular and more and more guest stars keep showing up. Their latest guest is Ant Man, aka Paul Rudd, and they do Dizzy Sports, which is when all players get dizzy and they try to hit with something with a bat or a stick.

They may have had a superhero spin around and dizzily try to hit an incoming kickball, but the trick shots they do with their other guest stars are pretty epic.

4. Tim McGraw

This country superstar is so magnificent, he outdoes every trick shot made by the group.

3. Russel Wilson

The guys are doing trick shots, Wilson is hitting targets, and even the coach is making the leather ball go swoosh.

2. Johnny Manziel

This is Mr. 2012 Heisman over here, and his throws are incredibly precise and fast.

1. Odell Beckham Jr.

You don’t even have to see this video to know the tricks that Odell is going to pull off. Seriously, that one-handed stuff is beautiful work right there.

If you could have anyone pull these sweet shots with Dude Perfect, who would it be? Let us know!