Ellen Pao Out As CEO of Reddit, Resigns After Short Controversial Run

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Ellen Pao, better known as ekjp on Reddit, the site she began helming in November of 2014 is already out of a job. Stepping in for outgoing CEO Yishan Wong, Ellen became the “whipping boy” by Redditors for a series of controversial moves including the shuttering of Fat People Hate and other subreddits — moves that were seen as detrimental to free speech.

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Reddit just posted news of her resignation on their r/announcements subreddit today and announced that old site runner Steve Huffman, a co-founder of Reddit with Alexis Ohanian and the original CEO, was back.

Though Ellen apologized recently for the lack of communication recently in regards to site changes — especially with regard to the controversial firing of Victoria Taylor, it seemed to be too little too late for the Reddit crowd.

Steve Huffman

Steve Huffman

A petition surfaced calling for her resignation and apparently it was popular enough to have its desired effect.

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Yishan Wong even went on the site in previous days to attempt to take responsibility for actions that she was blamed for. Ultimately, the Redditors needed a sacrifice though and they pegged Ellen for the task.





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We’ll see if the the return to the “original team” is a return to original values. Will sites that were shuttered return as well? I guess we’ll find out.

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