Fallout 4 Watch: The Most Hyped Games for the Remainder of 2015


We have about five months before 2016 arrives. For some people, this means that school is going to start up again, football season is about to start, or No-Shave November is around the corner. For gamers, all of the video games that they are anxiously waiting for will be released within the final four months of 2015, and, excitingly, the games that are coming out are huge blockbusters.

Destiny: The Taken King


Rumors about this DLC have been floating around since January. Its code name was “Comet”, but Bungie finally gave it a proper introduction into Destiny’s universe as The Taken King. This DLC is very different, compared to the other DLCs that have already been released: it is the biggest DLC to come out for Destiny, at a whopping 40 GB, which makes this piece of content land on the border between DLC and a full-fledged sequel. There are also four different editions people can buy, which can get pretty confusing if you don’t look up what the editions are comprised of. Nevertheless, since this is practically a Destiny 1.5, fans will take their money, toss it at the vendors, and suck up this content, Dyson style.

Fallout 4


Ever since Fallout 3 came out, people have been asking the question: “When the hell is Fallout 4 coming out?” Months would pass and there would be no update at all as to when the next installment was to be announced, and thus, fans would bide their time by replaying the game at harder difficulties, becoming a perfectionist at the game, or creating mods to add new twists to the very desolate Washington D.C. But then, on June 3rd, Fallout 4 was finally announced. Even though you were probably in your room watching the announcement trailer, you could hear the fanboys squeal from the other side of the country. Everyone and their grandma is beyond ecstatic to play this game.

Halo 5: Guardians


This is the next installment for the Master Chief, and 343 Industries (the studio behind the epic franchise) is making us question the Chief and his motives. Last time we saw the Chief, he said his final goodbye to Cortana, and his world was LITERALLY falling apart.



But now in the first trailer of Halo 5: Guardians, there’s a spartan who goes by the name of Locke, who is hunting him down. Why? Who knows. Here’s the twist: there were two trailers that were released. One trailer showed Spartan Locke mocking the Chief as “the conquering hero” and he was getting ready to execute the Chief, but then in another trailer, Chief was getting ready to execute a downed Spartan Locke and kept asking “Is this what you wanted?” So no one has ANY IDEA as to what is going to happen, but this is an excellent franchises and fans are confident that 343 isn’t going to mess this up.

Mighty No. 9


Alright, enough of the AAA games. Let’s turn onto Indie Street and admire this beauty. Mighty No. 9 is the spiritual successor to Mega Man, and it is all thanks to Keiji Inafune and fans. It all started out with a simple Kickstarter campaign by Comcept, an independent Japanese studio formed in 2010 by industry veteran Keiji Inafune, designer and illustrator of Mega Man. Once the campaign started, it reached its goal in less than 40 hours, and thus, the studio started pounding out drawings and code for the game. Fast forward two years, and the game is set to be released on September 15th.


So many more video games are to be released this year and next year, so it is tough to figure out who is hyped for what. For example, a ton of people are extremely excited for the re-release of Gears of War for the Xbox One, while I’m absolutely eager to get my hands on Need For Speed and I don’t know anyone else who intends to get the game. But nevertheless, the future is bright for gamers all across the spectrum. There is going to be a game for everyone, and it is going to be absolutely fantastic.

Which game are you excited for? Which one don’t you care about? Let us know!