Fat-Shaming On YouTube Also Includes Children [UPDATED]

UPDATE (7/15/15 12:15 PM PST): So Logan’s reading of his troll’s comments to him have earned him a trip to the White House. I hear that’s a pretty good invitation if you can swing it.

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Even though Reddit site Fat People Hate is gone, you can still feel their cold grip amongst the comment sections of other parts of social media and the web. YouTube, for instance, has long had a war waged against the trolls in their comment section.

But when you see a video like this one, of an 11-year-old kid named Logan reading the horrible comments he’s had to endure as a result of his dad’s YouTube channel, you realize all the advancements YouTube has made are clearly not enough.

Published by his dad, Josh Fairbanks, the video is a particularly eye-opening example of how vile the comments can be towards kids who haven’t maybe developed the emotional armor to deal with this sort of unwarranted hatred. The bulk of the comments are in regard to the boy’s weight and in less mature hands, this might make a young person do something harmful to themselves. Yeah, it’s safe to say fat shaming is out of hand on the web.

It all started with a viral video of Josh donning a gas mask to scare his son in the shower, posted nearly a year ago.

The bullies, fat shamers and trolls took over the comment section, making fun of the boy’s weight. But Logan wasn’t gonna be destroyed by the haters. As Josh posts on the comments of his latest video, “Logan asked me to do this. As his dad I was very hesitant but he insisted that if there was a chance it could help someone then why not face his online bullies and try. I hope one day I have as much courage as he does.”

That’s a bit of positivity in an otherwise dark story. Yeah, Logan can handle himself. But he isn’t the only kid on YouTube making videos. And he certainly isn’t the only one who is overweight. More of this is happening than any of us, even the trolls, realize. This is the kind of thing that leaves lasting emotional damage. And no, trolls, before you suggest it, the answer to this isn’t isn’t as simple as “They just need to lose weight.”

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YouTube, you’ve got to do better here.

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