Find Your Song Of The Summer On Vine

Every time we think we’ve got Vine figured out, the video-sharing app throws us a curveball. While it’s best known as the place to catch up on the latest pranks, stunts, and jokes from talented comedians and mediocre sex criminals, it’s also a place to find cool new content including the latest trending music.

I’m not just talking about Vine stars like Shawn Mendes and Jack and Jack who successfully translated their massive Vine following into successful music careers. Vine’s vibrant dance scene as well as the creators of now ubiquitous YouTube Vine compilation videos need to get their music somewhere, and for most creators the preferred source is Soundcloud. A handful of savvy producers, DJs, and other musicians are gaining massive exposure by making their chillest tracks available to Vine creators, royalty free.

These tracks have accumulated millions of plays on Soundcloud even as the Vine’s that contain them rack up millions of loops on the app. They run the gamut from kicky hip-hop to chill synthy dance music. If you’re looking for a new tune to party to, or your personal song of the summer, then the Vine music tag will deliver for you. We rounded up some of our favorite music Vines and you can find a playlist of some of the app’s most popular tracks above.