First, It Was The Dress. Now, It’s The Shoe. MAKE IT STOP

It’s been several months after this notorious, optical-illusion dress sparked a global argument. This two-tone cloth from hell struck up arguments all across the world, leaving millions of people shouting “BLUE AND BLACK!” and “WHITE AND GOLD!” with their keyboards. I was #teamwhiteandgold, but it turns out that the dress was black and blue (I felt betrayed).

But now, it isn’t about the dress anymore. It’s about the shoe. A Twitter user by the handle @totallymendes posted an image, asking followers which nail polish she should use to match her fuchsia shoe.

All she wanted was an simple answer. A one-worded answer. But nope. Nothing is ever simple in the Interwebs. Vine Star Jack Johnson, who is part of the duo Jack & Jack, definitely helped push this image into the feed of a lot of users.

Once this image started becoming more and more popular, people weren’t going to deal with this again. Nope. Instead of of seeing this image, they’d rather delete their Twitter account.

They’re done. Absolutely done.

They can’t even.

While these people were losing it, others were trying to shut this thing down as soon as possible, because no one wants to deal with this at all.

Of course, @totallymendes completely regrets her decision and wishes all of this could go away.

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