First Subreddit To Be Banned in Reddit’s New Hate-Free Regime Is …

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Now with former CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman firmly back at the wheel of Reddit, some major changes are going to take place. Steve already hosted a summit where he laid it out for the hardliners: hate will not be tolerated on Reddit. Today, he shut down one of those hate sites: r/gasthekikes, which as you can imagine, was an anti-Jewish forum.

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Of course people are already pointing out that less than an hour after r/gasthekikes was banned, the new subreddit r/kiketown popped up to take its place. The name is reference to the famously controversial r/coontown, a subreddit that while noxious and mean-spirited, does not explicitly call for violence against the subjects of its hatred. As a result r/coontown has been allowed to remain on Reddit. Likely, if r/kiketown follows this template, they’ll be allowed to remain also.

The general consensus is that Reddit’s already a dead duck and they can ban whatever sites they like — people have lost their faith in whatever higher belief they held for the social media platform.

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