Forget Shark Week! Here Are The 7 Best Great White Shark Videos On YouTube!

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Look, it’s tough going for Discovery. We all LOVE sharks and look forward to “Shark Week” every year on television. But we’re also a finicky lot. We want awesome footage of sharks doing awesome things coupled with amazing stories about them eating people. We also want the sharks to all be Great Whites and we don’t want any fake stuff or overly technical crap. Also it can’t be too nature-y and dry. So basically, we want JAWS in real life for every episode during Shark Week.

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It’s no surprise that Discovery is trying to figure out some medium ground. Last year’s Megalodon speculations were too over the top, this year’s dedication to pure science is dull. So rather than be caught in the push and pull maelstrom of their scramble to find content that hooks eyeballs, why not check out these amazing ALL GREAT WHITE SHARK videos from YouTube. Hell, Discovery’s Shark Week YouTube footage even makes an appearance so it isn’t complete sensationalism.

7. Great White Shark Runs Aground While Choking On Sea Lion

Good line from video: “The things you see when you don’t have your gun.” Sharks are a protected species, sir, so you’d be breaking the law to shoot it. Still, pretty funny.

6. Great White Shark Attacks Inflatable Boat

Ahhhh! We need a bigger METAL boat! Ahhhh!

5. Two Sharks Attack Surfer At The Same Time

It isn’t the crispest footage, but damn if it isn’t amazing. This guys life was potentially saved by the double attack!

4. Man Jumps Right Into Great White Shark’s Path

Real or fake, this footage looks amazing … and terrifying.

3. Great White Sharks Love Death Metal

Now this is science we can get behind.

2. Aussie Surfs Whale Carcass Being Eaten By Great White Sharks

I’m completely jealous this guy has this story in his back pocket, but I wouldn’t have done it.

1. Shark Breech!

I don’t think there is a cooler video anywhere!

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