Ghostbuster Girls In Uniform Tweeted Out By Paul Feig; Movie Is Still Gonna Be Amazing

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Okay, so the stars of the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters movie have been shown in their ghost-busting getups. And it doesn’t look good. It looks bad even. Say what you want about the drab tans of the original Ghostbuster crew, at least it didn’t have that terrible striping around the tits.

The image was tweeted out by the movie’s director, Paul Feig, in an effort to placate the social media universe who are eager for any little snippet of information about this flick. Already other images have been leaked from the set and probably most concerning is Kate McKinnon, who is outfitted like that girl you were right to not take to the prom.

And yet, in spite of everything we’ve seen so far, the movie is going to be amazing. What makes us say that? These are the Rotten Tomatoes reviews for when Feig has teamed up with hit-or-miss box office star Melissa McCarthy:


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The Heat

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.50.07 PM

Umm, blame Sandra Bullock for this one …


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As you can see, they’re a pretty potent duo as far as the critics are concerned. So while everything might seem like sheer awfulness from what we’ve seen so far, here the end justifies the means. Give ‘em some faith.

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