Ghostface Killah Blows Up On Action Bronson In Crazy YouTube Post — Rapper Beef

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“I’m not making this a black vs. white thing, I’m making this a Ghost vs. Action Bronson thing.”

Daaaaaaaaaaamn. Ghostface Killah, the rapper best known for time spent with the Wu Tang Clan is calling out Action Bronson hard on YouTube.

The clip, which comes after a few media mentions by Action Bronson in regards to having a similar rapping style. Going on SportsNation on ESPN, Action Bronson was initially thrilled to be compared to one of the greats and then made the offhand remark, “He’s not rapping like this no more.”

Shade has been cast.

Ghostface, apparently a watcher of ESPN, didn’t kin to that and blew up on YouTube with a six minute rant telling Action Bronson that Ghostface’s name shouldn’t even be coming out of his motherfuckin’ mouth.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

Of course, Action Bronson has already apologized on Twitter, but who wants to let this thing go that easily. Epic Rap Battles, get on this!

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