Grooveshark Founder Discovered Mysteriously Dead

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Josh Greenburg, a co-founder of Grooveshark, an online musical alternative to Pandora and Spotify, was found dead in his home recently. Only 28, Greenberg had seen the shuttering of Grooveshark earlier this year after it was hit with numerous lawsuits, but according to his mother via, the innovator was “more relieved than depressed” about the site being closed. He was excited to get involved with some ambitious new concepts.

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Found in his bed at a home he shared with his girlfriend, the authorities have allegedly ruled out foul play, but are doing toxicology reports to determine the nature of the mysterious death. It will take two to three months, but doctors also are investigating to see if there were issues with his brain or his heart.

The girlfriend had been out of town and returned home to find him looking like he was asleep. While we can’t go around suggesting conspiracy theories about a cabal of top-flight assassins hired by record label executives every time some creative passes away, for the next two to three months until the autopsy and and associated tests are complete, if I were Jay Z, owner of Tidal, I’d sleep with two pistols, John Woo style.

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