Hammerhead Shark Saved In Incredible YouTube Rescue Footage!

In some of the most gorgeous and clear shark footage to date, YouTube channel 1ArmStarfish captured incredible video of a hammerhead shark rescue.

The shark, who had heavy test fishing line and at least one fishing hook embedded near its mouth, was seen in the shallow waters near a crowded beach in Destin, FL. Once the brother of 1ArmStarfish realized it was injured, he boldly swam out and brought it to shore to perform a little human-on-shark heroics.

Man, I am impressed with the bravery of these guys, but I just keep thinking, “What if it wasn’t fishing hooks that caused the fish to be injured? What if it was some wretched parasite and the shark began barfing a green soupy algae-like substance on them and then they had it all over them and then that night they mutated into shark people or something?” But I guess if that were the case, it would sort itself out: we’d watch to see if they became heroes or villains and then react accordingly, I guess. In an ideal world, one would become a hero and the other a villain, so we could watch them fight it out!

The best part would be if the footage were as gorgeous as this.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.51.16 AM

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