Hillary, Donald, and Bernie: A Look At The Frontrunners Through Social Media


While the 2016 Presidential Election is more than a year away, many candidates have campaigns in full swing. This also means they are all over social media. Twitter has become an increasingly popular way to learn about candidates and their stance on key issues. After all, what better way to learn about candidates than through 140 characters or less?

Donald Trump is currently extremely popular and not just online. According to a recent CNN poll, Trump leads the Republican race with 18% support from Republican voters. Among leading candidates (both Democratic and Republican), Trump’s tweets are the by far the most popular. Many of his tweets gain more than 1,000 retweets.

Many of Trump’s older tweets are also resurfacing and circulating around Twitter:

And, of course, this gem exists:

BERNIE SANDERS Bernie Sanders’ tweets also get his standpoint across effectively through Twitter. This tweet definitely got the attention of many young voters by this popular stance on marijuana:

HILLARY CLINTON Hillary Clinton’s trending tweets get her points across (and throw in a little bit of sass).

In addition to her popular tweets, Clinton has taken over Vine recently. She’s become the center of two Vine trends. With more than 12 million loops, it’s no wonder that this video of Hillary Clinton has been remade and made fun of countless times.

Clinton’s second Vine trend places the most famous line of her campaign announcement video in strange (and hilarious) situations.

There’s no doubt that Trump, Sanders and Clinton all stand out on social media, which is important in this new media age. Twitter, Vine, and social media platforms like TikTok where you can quickly go viral by buying a few hundred TikTok likes as a whole play a huge role in how the people view candidates today. The question is: do the popularity of these tweets and vines indicate who will become the frontrunners of the 2016 Presidential Race?

Do you think being a viral sensation can translate into becoming the President? Let us know in the comments!