Hollywood Racism? Look No Further Than Tumblr’s Every Single Word

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One of the most fantastic and sobering Tumblr accounts going right now is probably also the best source of making you consider just how “white” Hollywood really is. When they aren’t stuffing over-the-top caricatures of homosexuals in our faces to show us how progressive they are, they’re apparently completely neglecting minorities.

Of course, part of this is our fault, considering we didn’t realize HOW SEVERE it is until now. But the discrepancies didn’t escape the Tumblr account Every Single Word, who has taken pains to explicitly catalogue every single spoken word by people of color in Hollywood movies. And you know what? It’s much worse than you think. Here, for instance, is every word spoken in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring by a non-white actor:

Yeah, all 13 seconds of it. But wait, LOTR is probably the exception rather than the rule: after all, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has almost two minutes of minority characters speaking:

Or what about beloved hipster director Wes Anderson? Surely his films are a wealth of multicultural acceptance. What’s that? This person-of-color edit of Moonrise Kingdom clocks in at 10 seconds? Yikes.

The Tumblr site, which is run by Dylan Marron, who plays Carlos on the Welcome to Night Vale podcast and works as an actor, has recently attracted some high profile attention for Marron’s work. Likely the site started out of his own experience with casting choices in entertainment.

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Hopefully the attention Every Single Word is receiving also attracts some change because with each new release, you can’t help but cringe a little more and hope for a positive change. Of course, merely hoping for a positive change won’t do much to reverse this — we should probably get involved.

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